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bomedia Website development

Digital Services:
bomedia's sole purpose is to bring personalized digital client products in web development and graphic design to the global market.

dintly Web directory
Social Platform

Web Application:
dintly is an online social listing directory for businesses helping you make a listing impression. Dintly makes it easy for clients to find your business without all the hassle.

bookorent Book or Rent
Market Platform

Web Application:
Book or Rent is an online marketplace where users can interact, buy and/or sell anything based on users interest. Gives users a chance to earn extra income on top of their standard income. Stay tuned!

hanitize Sanitizing wearable
Hand product

Product Application:
Hanitize in its conceptual stage is a sanitizing wearable product for your daily needs. Once developed, this product can be utilized on public transportation, airplanes, hospitals etc..Stay tuned!

Access to various
technologies, through one

bodustries is a hub that provides services and online application access to clients and/or businesses.

We supply digital services in front-end development and graphic design and also marketing platforms for users to gain exposure and/or acquire extra income on the side.