Phaction Media, a web development and media entity catering to the needs of start-ups to large businesses for the purpose of full-blown exposure

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What is Phaction Media?

Phaction Media provides visual solutions to communicate specific customized messages. We consider ourselves the ferocious (as in fierce) gladiators of the digital media coliseum.

We live and breathe digital media. We were nursed by virtual nannies and digital tablets. We were born speaking “techy”; our first words as toddlers were “HTML and Java script”. We first learned to write on computers, laptops and tablets. Our first pen pals were on MySpace and we first learned to play the guitar streamling YouTube videos. Our global education consisted of laptops, tablets and cellphones. In school, we earned cool points by the technology devices we had and we were declared the ladies man by the abundance of techy vocabulary we would speak on our campus. We eventually got to visit a musuem that show cased actual pens and paper. We are privileged to be called “techy nerds”!


Why We Exist?

Phaction Media exists in a digital world with the sole purpose of designing personalized client products that will be brought to the global market. Our designs grasp the very nature of each unique and creative element of our clients. We make it our business to know how to best maneuver in and out of our clients’ market. Before we begin our design process we must know what our clients’ end results are. We require to know their dreams, goals and desires before embarking on the journey.

Phaction Media specializes in customizing solutions for Web Development, Web Design and Graphic Design. We provide complete consultation, from needs analysis through creative concept, design, media production, programming, and usability testing. We follow the four C’s in designing. We consistently deliver cost-effective, creative, compelling and customized digital media products and to large.


Behind Phaction Media

Like the saying goes, two heads are better than one

Well…David and Ananias didn’t realized that until they migrated to the United States. Yes they’re brothers. Took the question right from your mouth huh? They grew up on a small island called Trinidad & Tobago. David was gifted at a young age, not like super power gifted but rather creative. David use to draw anything he liked and almost everything he saw. He even drew for neighbors on holidays like Christmas, New Years etc. Ananias was also gifted. He was the brains behind good/great ideas. He was also the first to migrate to the States.

While Ananias was in the States, he sought a new career field, graphic design and animation. He fell in love with it and he couldn’t wait to spread the good/great news to David. When David arrived to the States, he quickly pursed that career field also but only for 6 months because he enlisted in the military. He continued graphic design but sought another sister career field in web design. Ahh! this was his calling.

Ananias eventually finished the graphic design and animation class then enlisted in the military also. Well..he was encouraged by David.

David studied web design with a little bit of programming for 7 years. He didn’t go to college, he learned on his own. Together, David and Ananias formed a design entity called Phaction Media that provides solutions in web design and development, graphic design media and other, that is yet to come in the near future.

If you’re not already asleep, we applaud you. We hope you enjoyed this story.

Our Strengths